Updated 09 October 2019
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Al-Burda exhibition

Al-Burda exhibition

Abu Dhabi’s Al-Burda Endowment exhibition will showcase the work of 10 selected artists, who were awarded a special grant in 2018, on Nov. 21.

  • Aljoud Lootah

    Aljoud Lootah, a multidisciplinary designer based in Dubai, is noted for interpreting Emirati culture and traditional craftsmanship through contemporary design.

  • Khalid Al-Banna

    With an outlook shaped by his academic foundation in architectural engineering, Emirati artist Khalid Al-Banna’s paintings and sculptures reflects on the past and the complexity of cultural changes in the UAE.

  • Dana Awartani

    Poetry and light are key elements in Jeddah-based artist Dana Awartani’s, which aims to revive sacred art to reintroduce it to the modern world.

  • Nasser Al-Salem

    The Saudi artist’s practice challenges the boundaries of the traditional Islamic art of calligraphy by re-contextualizing it in unconventional forms.

  • Ammar Al-Attar

    The Emirati photographer uses retro photographic equipment and techniques in his work. Al-Attar seeks to research and examine aspects of Emirati rituals, material culture and geography that are being lost with the march toward modernization.

  • Zoulikha Bouabdellah

    The French-Algerian artist’s installations, videos and drawings portrays icons, motifs and ornaments and juxtaposing them with geopolitical dynamics and global issues linked to conflicts or the status of women.