Updated 13 November 2019
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Explore Dubai Design Week’s fringe installations

Explore Dubai Design Week’s fringe installations

Dubai Design Week is set to kick off on Nov. 13 in the city’s Design District. Aside from a packed roster of talks and exhibitions exclusive to the event, these fascinating installations are also ripe for exploring.

  • Carousel of Light

    This canopy of 8000 glowing orbs by design firm Preciosa was inspired by “the gentle movements and folds of a rich, luxurious fabric.”

  • Modern and Ethnic Silver Jewelry

    Jewelry designer Oytun Camcigil combines tribal Middle Eastern, Ottoman and Turkoman pieces with modern elements to create unique works of art.

  • Icosahedron

    British-American artist Anthony James’ hypnotic sculpture is on show in the Middle East for the first time — it explores themes of divinity, infinity and cosmology.

  • Barjeel

    This art installation explores the traditional wind towers of Dubai. With the first examples dating back to 3100 BC, these structures have come to define the original architecture of the Gulf.

  • From the Heart

    Spanish company ROCA commissioned the Saeta Estudi firm to dream up a beating human heart made up of 3,248 pieces of its porcelain sanitary ware.

  • The Maze

    The reflective surface of the installation allows it to interact with the surrounding environment, as well as with the hundreds of people who are constantly rotating its plates.