Updated 18 November 2019
Arab News

On.DXB talks: Who’s speaking at the new festival

On.DXB kicks off in Dubai on Nov. 21 with a series of thought-provoking talks in the fields of film, gaming, music and video.

  • Noor Stars

    When? Nov. 21 With 13.6 million subscribers on YouTube, the platform on which she started her career, the Iraqi star will speak about getting into the business.

  • Liza Koshy

    When? Nov. 21 From Vine and YouTube to acting and hosting, Liza Koshy is an established name in her field. Among her acting roles have been Aday Walker in the horror comedy film “Boo!”

  • Tom Beattie

    When? Nov. 22 The director and producer of the animated series “Mr. Bean,” Tom Beattie will reveal how the show took over the world.

  • Kano

    When? Nov. 22 Kano is a British rapper, songwriter, actor and MC. The multi-talented star will speak about how he continues to innovate and diversify as the industry evolves.

  • Rami Jaber

    When? Nov. 22 The Palestinian rally driver, actor and film producer will open up about his journey from YouTube to Hollywood.

  • Dyler

    When? Nov. 23 A well-known YouTuber in Saudi Arabia, the rapper’s songs about school and allowance have done well with teenagers and kids.