Updated 20 November 2019
Arab News

Why Not! Mazzika

The Arabic music festival is coming to Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on Nov. 22 and features a stellar indie lineup.

  • Mahmoud El-Esseily

    Having released scores of chart-busting melodies over the years, Egyptian singer Mahmoud El-Esseily is expected to perform some of his hits including “Ya Nas” and “Fe Hetta Tanya.”

  • Sharmoofers

    Sharmoofers is one of the most popular and most listened to rock bands in the Arab world. The Egyptian band is known for their hits “Khalas Hasayter” and “Zamba.”

  • Massar Egbari

    The band is made up of four musicians who know how to get the crowd hyped.

  • Disco Misr

    The DJ trio update Arabic pop by infusing their music with hints of deep house and punk. In 2018, they released a remix of the already popular track “Talat Daqat.”

  • H.O.H

    The new band is a collaborative project between three of Egypt’s most well-known indie musicians: Hany Adel (from the band Wust El-Balad), Ousso Lotfy (from Nagham Masry) and Hany El-Dakkak (who is part of Massar Egbari) will perform each other’s songs with fresh musical arrangements.

  • Cairokee

    The famed band rose to prominence following the Egyptian revolution of 2011. The five-member group’s lyrics are politically inspired.