Updated 01 January 2020
Arab News

Arab science fiction

It may be unofficial, but National Science Fiction Day in the US is no joke. We boldly go where no man has gone before and take a look at some Middle East-based science fiction books and films.

  • ‘Iraq +100’

    “Iraq + 100: Stories from a century after the invasion” is a collection of short science fiction stories by 10 Iraqi authors. The authors imagine what the country will be like in 2103.

  • ‘HWJN’

    “HWJN” tells the story of a supernatural entity who grows close to a female medical student. It is by Novelist Ibraheem Abbas.

  • ‘Frankenstein in Baghdad’

    In the novel by Iraqi Ahmed Saadawi, the main character collects body parts from the dead, which he stitches together to form a creature.

  • ‘Zero Point’

    Written by journalist and author Nafeez Ahmed, this book explores the lack of accountability within the military industrial complex. 

  • ‘Dune’

    The novel by Frank Herbert is about the heir to a noble family who is tasked with ruling an inhospitable world, where the only thing of value is a drug capable of extending life.

  • ‘Arabic Science Fiction’

    The book, by author Ian Campbell, traces the roots of Arabic science fiction through classical and medieval Arabic literature.