Updated 05 January 2020
Arab News

The Arab DJ’s you need to know

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Palestine and beyond, there are a new wave of Arab DJ’s making their mark on the industry. 

  • Nas G

    Born Nura Al-Soleiman Gil in Saudi Arabia, the up-and-coming DJ is making a name for herself in the region and even performed at the MDL Beast Festival in Riyadh. 

  • Karrouhat

    Kuwaiti-born Basil Al-Hadi, more commonly known as Karrouhat, kicked off his musical career as the lead singer of a reggae band, before transitioning into a highly-sought after DJ known for mixing international hits with Arabic classics. 

  • Simi and Haze

    In addition to being talented DJs, the Palestinian twins, who were born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Dubai, are also known for their unique sense of style. 

  • DJ Sama

    Sama Abdulhadi is a central figure in the Palestinian electronic music scene. The DJ, who first took to the decks in 2006, memorably performed at the first Boiler Room hosted in Palestine. 

  • DJ MoCity

    Iraqi-born DJ Mohammed Abood Uraibi splits his time between Dubai and New Delhi.

  • Deena Abdelwahed

    Originally from Tunisia, Abdelwahed is widely known for her innovative and experimental style. She released her first EP “Klabb” in 2017, followed with a debut album, “Khonnar,” a year later.