Updated 15 January 2020

Arab fashion labels protecting the environment

Arab fashion labels protecting the environment

The fashion and textile business is one of the most polluting industries in the world, which is why these regional labels have taken it upon themselves to protect and maintain the environment.

  • Elbe

    Established by Tunisian designer Nour Ben Cheikh and Clémentine L in 2018, Elbe, which means “heart” in Arabic, limits their collections, producing only a select amount of pieces.

  • One and Four Studio

    This Dubai-based label, founded by Egyptian designer and pattern-maker Engy Mahdy, aims to be sustainable by carefully monitoring the fabrics used and amount of products made.

  • Miriam Al-Sibai

    A Syrian-British designer currently based in New York. Her eco-conscious blazers and trench coats have been sported by the likes of  influencers Rania Fawaz and Nathalie Fanj.

  • Rawan Maki

    Rawan Maki’s eponymous range of womenswear is manufactured completely out of recycled, organic and low-impact materials sourced from around the globe.

  • Roni Helou

    The Lebanese brand utilizes recycled fabrics, works with local talent and donates 30 percent of its profits to non-profit fashion design school Creative Space Beirut.

  • Thaely

    These ethically-produced vegan leather sneakers are made entirely from upcycled plastic grocery bags,. The label was founded by Dubai-based youth Ashay Bhave.