Updated 16 February 2020
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Highlights from Ras Al-Khaimah Fine Arts Fest

Highlights from Ras Al-Khaimah Fine Arts Fest

The UAE’s Ras Al-Khaimah Fine Arts Festival recently kicked off its eighth edition in the Al-Jazirah Al-Hamra Heritage Village. The festival brings with it a packed program that includes thought-provoking exhibitions, keynote speeches and more than 100 local and international artists hailing from 33 different countries.

  • Azza Al-Qubaisi

    The Emirati jewelry artist is known for her cutting-edge jewelry handmade out of precious materials such as white gold, silver and diamonds in addition to leather and palm branches.

  • Hamad Abdullah Saghran

    An Emirati filmmaker, he will showcase his short film “And What’s Next?” He’s this year’s recipient of the Ras Al-Khaimah Fine Arts Festival Grant.

  • Kiliii Yuyan

    The Chinese-American photographer and journalist’s award-winning images chronicle conservation and indigenous issues.

  • Ahmad Al-Hussaini

    Hailing from Kuwait, the artist, who is a member of the Kuwait Arts Association, specializes in wood sculptures.

  • Andrea Alkalay

    A Latin American photographer who hails from Argentina, Alkalay’s work has been internationally exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs.

  • Nesa Al-Shehhi

    A conceptual artist and sculptor who was born in Ras Al Khaimah. Through her work, Al-Shehhi focuses on extracting and exposing the “natural art” that is all around us.