Updated 09 March 2020
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6 Modest swimwear brands to shop

6 Modest swimwear brands to shop

It’s becoming easier than ever to find modest swimwear that doesn’t force you to compromise on your personal style or beliefs — something that’s especially important as the weather heats up.

  • Lyra Swim

    Tired of repeatedly wearing baggy t-shirts and leggings to go swimming, British designer Ikram Zein decided to launch her own range of covered-up swimwear in 2016.

  • Madamme BK Paris

    Vanessa Lourenco recognized a gap in the market for modest swimwear and decided to launch her very own range of swimming tunics, leggings and head covers in 2012.

  • Lanuuk

    Co-founded by Ayesha Mahomed and Katleya Nielsen in 2018, Lanuuk is dedicated to creating full coverage swimwear that doesn’t compromise on femininity and style.

  • Aaila

    The Singapore-based brand is the brainchild of Michelle Yao, who founded the label with a mission to create beautifully-designed modest swimwear that any woman would feel comfortable wearing to the beach.

  • Maya Square

    Launched in Montreal in 2016 by founder Mariem Mezlini, Maya Square is dedicating to creating chic and affordable options. Each of the label’s swimsuits are priced under $100.

  • Mykiny Brand

    In addition to burkinis, the Amsterdam-based brand features a lineup of beautiful swim dresses with an attached hijab, sun-safe tunics, turbans and caps.