Updated 13 May 2020

6 hummus recipes to try at home

6 hummus recipes to try at home

In celebration of World Hummus Day, here are some delicious hummus recipes you can make at home.

  • Classic hummus

    If you have never tried hummus, then we would suggest you start with the classic recipe. You will need chickpeas, tahini, garlic, cumin and lemon. 

  • Beetroot hummus

    This bright pink creamy hummus is a party favorite. You will only need to add beetroot to your classic hummus recipe.  

  • Hummus with beef

    This chickpea dish is quite a popular mezze on Middle Eastern tables and is worth the hype. It does require a few more steps than other recipes, but it will sure keep you full. 

  • Pumpkin hummus

    If you want to get creative with your hummus, then try the pumpkin-infused appetizer. It is best served with pita bread.  

  • Roasted pepper hummus 

    If you love spicy food, then the roasted pepper hummus is the one for you. All you need to do is roast bell peppers and blend with the classic hummus mix. 


  • Avocado hummus 

    You do not need cheese dip when you can have avocado hummus. Add avocados to your hummus recipe and enjoy the creamy appetizer with tortilla chips.