Updated 28 June 2020
Arab News

This photography platform is supporting the UAE’s local creatives

This photography platform is supporting the UAE’s local creatives

In an effort to support the local freelancing creative community in the UAE, Gulf Photo Plus launched the COVID-19 Artist Relief Print Sale initiative. Featuring 50 images from local creatives, 70% of the proceeds of each sale went directly to the artist to help them during these harrowing times. 

  • Suzy Sikorski

    The Dubai-based artist’s print captured Friday prayer in Bahrain in April 2019 at the central mosque where hundreds gathered to worship.

  • Fatema Al-Fardan

    Based in Abu Dhabi, the visual arts student tends to use her family members as the main subjects in her photographs. This shot depicts the beauty ritual of applying incense before leaving the house.

  • Ammar Al-Attar

    The Ajman-based photographer took this image of a house situated in the UAE’s Umm Al-Quwain, which he found interesting.

  • Cheb Moha

    The pseudonymous Iraqi-Canadian photographer and designer  is known for his pastel-tinged portraits shot on film.

  • Noora Al-Rumaithi

    This photo of the Al-Itifaq Restaurant was taken in 2018 in Sharjah’s Kalba city. 

  • Aqib Anwar

    The self-taught photographer took this picture with his iPhone shortly after Asr prayer in Mecca during the spring of 2018. He describes it as one of his favorite photographs he’s captured.