Updated 11 July 2020
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‘Art in the Age of Anxiety’

‘Art in the Age of Anxiety’

New exhibition, ‘Art in the Age of Anxiety,’ is taking place at the Sharjah Art Foundation until Sep 26, 2020 and brings together more than 60 works from a global group of contemporary artists to explore the ways everyday devices, technologies and digital networks have altered our collective consciousness.

  • Lawrence Abu Hamdan

    The Amman-born audio artist lives between London and Beirut. His work has been presented in solo exhibitions in London, Los Angeles and Frankfurt. 

  • Wafaa Bilal

    The Iraqi artist is known for his work that explores the tension between his home in the comfort zone of the United States and his consciousness in the conflict zone in Iraq. 

  • Cory Arcangel

    Hailing from New York, the multimedia artist employs a wide range of mediums to explore how video games and software can rapidly formulate new communities and traditions. 

  • Douglas Coupland

    A writer and artist who lives in Vancouver and is recognized for his work that focuses on modern-day North American culture.

  • Aleksandra Domanović

    Born in the former Yugoslavia but now based in Berlin, the artist is a recipient of many awards, including the Arnaldo Pomodoro Sculpture Prize.

  • Cao Fei

    The Beijing-based filmmaker explores the daily life of Chinese citizens.