Updated 14 July 2020
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French restaurants in Saudi Arabia

French restaurants in Saudi Arabia

If a trip to France seems improbable this summer, you can always channel Parisian flair at our favorite French restaurants in the Kingdom.

  • La Cuisine

    Located in Jeddah, this dining space is one of the oldest French restaurants in Saudi Arabia. The menu boasts an array of popular French dishes, including escargot. 

  • Le Traiteur

    With a menu that changes every four months, this Jeddah-based restaurant offers visitors a chance to indulge in their favorite French dishes while also trying something new.

  • Paul

    The authentic French dining bakery is mostly known for its breakfast and coffee, and features a wide selection of soups, salads, sandwiches and entrees. 

  • Le Grenier a Pain

    This Riyadh-based restaurant, which opened its doors in 2018, boasts a French-inspired interior that will surely transport guests. Don’t forget to try its famous crusty baguette and cheese platter.

  • Rococoa

    Situated in Riyadh, Rococoa — a play on the words “cocoa” and “Rococo” — is part ice-cream parlour, part chocolaterie and part patisserie.

  • Verdure

    This aptly titled restaurant draws inspiration for its name from the Latin word, which means fresh and tasty food. The menu includes French-inspired dishes such as baked aubergine and brioche cake.