Updated 25 July 2020
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6 times rappers used Arabic in their songs

6 times rappers used Arabic in their songs

Arabic words and phrases have appeared in hip hop since the very beginning. There have been numerous artists, Muslim or not, who have used the words in their proper context. 

  • ‘Only You Freestyle’ by Drake and Headie One

    The Canadian artist instantly went viral after rapping “Arabic ting tell me I look like Yousef, look like Hamza/habibti please, ana akeed inti w ana ahla.”

  • ‘Heard ‘Em Say’ by Kanye West

    In his 2005 single featuring Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Kanye West raps “Allahu Akbar and throw in some hot cars.” 

  • ‘Blues Freestyle’ by Jay-Z

    “Lagos, all the barrios ‘round me, you feel me?/Bismallah, all the Gods ‘round me,” raps hip hop artist Jay-Z in his 2017 song.

  • ‘Plain Jane’ by A$AP Ferg

    In this 2017 hip hop hit, the New York-based MC uses the phrase “Alhamdulilah.” In the remix, Nicki Minaj says “Mashallah.”

  • ‘History’ by Mos Def feat. Talib Kweli

    Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, begins all of his songs with “Bismallah.”

  • ‘Untitled 2’ by Kendrick Lamar

    Despite not being a Muslim, the California rapper admits to “praying to Allah,” in the track which debuted on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”