Updated 29 July 2020
Arab News

Eid treats: Middle Eastern desserts you must try

It is usually during Eid Al-Fitr that Muslims make sweet treats. However, with restrictions to gatherings due to the coronavirus, why not use your time at home to make dessert with your family in celebration of Eid Al-Adha.

  • Asida

    This dessert is made up of a cooked lump of dough made from wheat flour and often sweetened with honey. It is enjoyed in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Sudan and Libya.

  • Baklava

    This crunchy dessert is loved across the Middle East and is made of layers of filo pastry laced with butter. It is served with chopped pistachios mixed with other nuts, and syrup.

  • Umm Ali

    The widely-popular bread pudding, topped with dried fruits and nuts is made with hot milk or heavy cream, has wowed diners across the region.

  • Basbousa

    Basbousa is a popular sugary cake in Egypt made of cooked semolina soaked in syrup.

  • Luqaimat

    Crunchy on the outside and soft and airy in the middle, these flaky pastries are made of many layers of paper-thin dough filled with groundnuts and drenched in syrup.

  • Rice pudding

    This dessert, called “roz bi haleeb” in Arabic, is a champion of Middle Eastern dessert. It is made with rice, milk and sugar and can be topped with your favorite nuts.