Updated 09 August 2020
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How you can watch independant Iraqi films later this month

How you can watch independant Iraqi films later this month

A digital film festival dedicated to independent films from and about Iraq is scheduled to run between Aug. 21 to Aug. 28. The online event, titled the Independant Iraqi Film Festival, will screen a total of 13 short and feature films for free via its official website.

  • ‘Baghdad in My Shadow’

    The 2019 film directed by Swiss-based, mononymous director Samir tells the story of a group of Iraqis living in London. 

  • ‘Mirrors of Diaspora’

    The multi-characters story from director Kasim Abid explores themes of exile,  identity and war told through the lives of seven Iraqi artists who left their homeland in the 1970s.

  • ‘War, Love, God and Madness’

    Directed by Baghdad-born film director Mohamed Al-Daradji, this 2008 Arabic documentary provides a harrowing portrayal of the struggles Al-Daradji and his colleagues were forced to endure during the filming of the director’s first feature film ‘Ahlaam.’

  • ‘Mouthwash’

    The 24-minute short was filmed with a BlackBerry camera phone while ISIS was seizing the city of Mosul in June 2014.

  • ‘Qarantina’

    Directed by Oday Rasheed, this film tells the story of a broken family under an incestuous patriarch.

  • ‘The Survivors of Firdous Square’

    A 28-minute documentary by Adel Khaled about an Iraqi artist collective who survived the the war in 2003.