Updated 21 November 2020

6 rising Lebanese female artists to add to your playlist

6 rising Lebanese female artists to add to your playlist

In celebration of Lebanon’s Independence Day on Nov. 22, we’ve rounded up the new crop of rising female music stars hailing from the levant nation that you need to be listening to. 

  • Tina Yamout

    Born and raised in Beirut, the singer and composer first gained recognition as a contestant on the fourth season of regional hit television show “Star Academy.”

  • Nour Ardakani

    At only 18-years-old, the artist recently joined the global music group Now United to become the band’s 16th member – and its first Arab.

  • Luciana Zogbi

    The Brazilian-Lebanese singer and YouTuber started her career covering songs on YouTube, attracting more than two million loyal subscribers from all around the globe.

  • Carla Chamoun

    Hailing from Beirut, the tri-lingual artist mixes Arabic with English and French. The emerging artist was among the 16 Arab female singers who helped launch Spotify’s new Sawtik initiative. 

  • Remie Akl

    The poet, visual artist and singer has gained a following for her socially-conscious music that tackles subjects like corrupt systems, the patriarchy and social media. 

  • Dana Hourani

    Based in Dubai, the Lebanese singer and influencer has just unveiled her new song, “Enti Ana,” dedicated to all the strong and resilient women of the Arab world and her hometown Beirut.