Updated 22 November 2020
Arab News

6 streetwear brands to shop now

Designers from the Middle East and North Africa are more known for glamorous couture than envelope-pushing streetwear, but a new crop of independent labels are currently redefining the status quo. 

  • Pacifism

    The London-based brand by Saudi designer Talal Hizami offers a blend of sports-inspired silhouettes and a refined approach to tailoring. 

  • Casablanca

    Founded by French-Moroccan designer Charaf Tajer, the Paris-based “apres-sport” label has gained an impressive client list that includes everyone from Lil Nas X to Rosalia.

  • Shabab Intl

    Founded by pseudonymous photography duo Chebmoha and Chndy who hail from Iraq and Oman respectively, the unisex label is coveted for its cozy bowling shirts, sporty track suits and graphic t-shirts.

  • Flaws Inc.

    This Oman-based urban brand for men and women was founded by four anonymous female designers. 

  • Amongst Few

    Founded by friends Mike Taylor and Flo Moser in 2014, the Dubai-based brand pays tribute to its Middle Eastern roots with designs that incorporate a ghitra pocket pattern, Arabic lettering and “Dubai Tribe” artwork on its T-shirts, hoodies and caps.

  • Love Closely

    Born in the UAE to Pakistani parents, Taha Yousuf launched his brand in 2018 in a sartorial attempt to create meaningful streetwear inspired by his Muslim identity.