Updated 24 December 2020
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6 Arabic Christmas Carols

6 Arabic Christmas Carols

Christmas is just around the corner and Arab Christians often celebrate with these cheerful seasonal songs from the Levant region.

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  • ‘Lay-let Eid’

    One of the most popular versions of this song is performed by legendary Lebanese singer Fairouz. The song follows the same tune as the English-language song “Jingle Bells.”

  • ‘Dawe b Layali Saeeda’

    This song was originally sung by veteran Lebanese singer Nadim Barbaari. In 2017, Carol Samaha performed an updated version of the calm carol that talks about winter, picturesque snow and the colorful lights that decorate the streets during this season. 

  • ‘Hallelujah’

    Performed by Lebanese soprano coloratura singer Hiba Tawaji, this one is a peaceful melody about the birth of Jesus with lyrics written by Father Youssef Mouannes.

  • ‘Jaye Papa Noel’

    Lebanese singer Pascale Sakr’s “Jaye Papa Noel” tells the world-famous story of Santa Claus. It also sends a sweet message to the children’s legendary character to come with exciting gifts for everyone.  

  • ‘Ahla Bi Yassouh’

    Carole Samaha’s “Ahla Bi Yassouh” describes a beautifully lit market, which has been decorated with colorful lights for the festive season.

  • ‘Jras El Eid’

    “Jras El-Eid” is another song that follows the tune of “Jingle Bells.” It is by Lebanese singer Salwa Al-Katrib.