Updated 12 January 2021

6 Arab-owned candle brands to make your home smell wonderful

6 Arab-owned candle brands to make your home smell wonderful

Light up your house this winter with these scent-infused, Arab-owned candle brands. 

  • Lava 

    The Emirati brand, founded by Sheikha Amna Al-Nuaimi, offers sculptural scented candles in oud, oceanic fragrances and more. Handcrafted in the UAE, the products come in different shapes, colors and sizes.  

  • Wallace & Co.

    Manufactured in Dubai, the brand offers customized candles of your choice that can feature black amber, oud, saffron and more scents. They have worked with luxury brands including Rolls Royce, Bulgari and the Burj Al-Arab. 

  • Candle Connection

    The Egyptian brand not only has chic scented candles that can accessorize your house, but it also offers sets for large gatherings, like weddings.  

  • Fares Aoun

    The family-owned Lebanese business, which started in 1918, is one of the major suppliers of beeswax candles in the country. They create customized candles, mainly for religious ceremonies. 

  • Maison Rabih Kayrouz 

    The Lebanese fashion designer created this candle to celebrate London multi-brand retailer Dover Street Market’s 10th anniversary.

  • Elie Saab 

    The renowned Lebanese designer’s scented candle collection “La collection des Essences” features the fragrances ambre, rose and more.