Updated 13 January 2021
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Grooming guide: 6 steps to care for your beard at home

Grooming guide: 6 steps to care for your beard at home

Dubai-based e-commerce store glamazle.com just launched a men’s grooming section in response to surging demand during the pandemic. If you’re worried about going to the barber, here are a few products, some of which are available on the site, to help you care for your beard at home. 

  • Wash it 

    Mancave UAE’s beard and shave soap will help you rinse away debris while leaving behind the natural oils of your beard and skin.

  • Shape it 

    If you are looking to line up your beard, you can use a beard shaping tool to help you get that fresh-from-the-barbershop look. You can find a handy one on Mancave UAE’s website or glamazle.com. 

  • Soften it 

    If your beard is a little dry, you can use Saudi brand Diggn’it’s softener to condition your hair during or after the shower. 

  • Moisturize it 

    A balm not only tames and protects your beard, but also hydrates the skin under the hair. Diggin’it offers scented balms that will hydrate and thicken your beard. 

  • Make it shine 

    Beard oil protects your hair from tangling and gives it extra shine. Dubai-based The Beard Gear Co. offer scented oil in cedar and lavender. 

  • Brush it 

    You can either use The Beard Gear Co.’s beard brush or a comb to finish off your routine