Updated 16 February 2021
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The art fair spotlighting art from the MENA region

The art fair spotlighting art from the MENA region

Intersect 21 is an online art fair featuring 21 galleries from the Middle East, North Africa and Southern California — and it’s live until Feb. 22. Read on for some of the participating galleries.

  • Athr Gallery

    One of Saudi Arabia’s premiere contemporary art galleries based in Jeddah, it was founded in 2009 and represents a number of Saudi artists such as Ahmed Mater and Ahaad Al-Amoudi.

  • Wadi Finan Art Gallery

    Situated in Amman, this space is constantly filled with powerful multimedia work by local and regional artists. Wadi Finan Art Gallery also hosts public exhibitions, workshops and special community collaborations.

  • Leila Heller Gallery

    Since it was established over three decades ago, this Dubai-based art institute has been vital  in promoting creative dialogue and exchange between Western, Middle Eastern, Central and Southeast Asian artists.

  • Galerie SINIYA28

    This art space was established in 2016 with the aim of supporting emerging Moroccan and international artists. 

  • Art D’Eqypte

    The platform was founded by Nadine Abdel Ghaffar and aims to promote Egyptian art while highlighting and preserving heritage sites.

  • Diwaniya Art Gallery

    Based in Algiers, the new art gallery is dedicated to the contemporary art of North Africa and the Arab world.