Updated 28 June 2021
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6 Middle Eastern drinks to cool off this summer 

6 Middle Eastern drinks to cool off this summer 

Beat the summer heat with these easy-to-make, refreshing Arab drinks. 

  • Laban Ayran

    Laban Ayran is a yogurt based savory drink. It is made up of yogurt, water and salt. If you want to spice up the drink, use sparkling instead of still water.

  • Sobia

    The starchy milk drink, popular in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, can be served white or dyed red. It is prepared by lightly fermenting brown bread, then mixing it with coconut powder, milk and sugar. 

  • Tamr Hindi 

    This tamarind-based juice is prepared by breaking open a tamarind fruit and soaking it in water, followed by sifting it. It has a sour taste and is usually sweetened with sugar and served ice cold.

  • Pomegranate juice 

    Rumman, the Arabic word for pomegranate, is popular in the Levant region. Besides being rich in health benefits, the cold drink is easy to make. 

  • Ginger juice 

    Fresh ginger juice is a great immunity booster. You can top off the summer drink with mint and zaatar for some extra flavor. 

  • Date milkshake 

    Bored of strawberry and banana milkshakes? Try a date drink for a sweet, moreish treat.