Updated 20 July 2021
Arab News

Arab artists rally together to support Covid-19 relief in Tunisia

Arab artists rally together to support Covid-19 relief in Tunisia

A number of Arab artists and photographers from the Middle East and North Africa have joined forces with Nafas Tounes, an art and print sale initiated by young Tunisians Sarah and Charif Ben Romdane, Selim Bouafsoun, Myriam Rabah, and Kenza Zouari to raise emergency funds for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) relief in Tunisia until July 27.

  • Dora Dalila Cheffi

    The Finnish-Tunisian artist’s painting, “A Tunisian Scenery,” sold for $1,769.

  • Bilal El-Kadhi

    The Paris-based Tunisian photographer, who has shot campaigns for the likes of Amina Muaddi and Isabel Marant, is selling a print of a photograph taken in his hometown of Djerba.

  • Cheb Moha

    Based in Dubai, the Iraqi-Canadian photographer, artist, and designer’s print captures a man dressed in pink, riding a bicycle in Hatta.

  • Meriem Bennani

    Up for grabs is a still from the New York-based Moroccan artist’s video, “Siham and Hafida.”

  • Jawher Ouni

    The Tunisian-French photographer’s image of a silver car swathed in rugs, is on sale for $153 to benefit those affected by the COVID-19 health crisis.

  • eL Seed

    The French-Tunisian street artist is known for marrying graffiti with Arabic calligraphy. His artwork “Climbing the Mountains” is among the pieces up for grabs in the charity initiative.