Updated 11 October 2021
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6 Palestinian films to catch on Netflix

6 Palestinian films to catch on Netflix

On Oct. 14, Netflix will begin streaming a series of Palestinian films and documentaries that you can add to your watch-list.


  • ‘Children of Shatila’ (1998)

    This documentary, directed by Mai Masri, tells the story of Farah and Issa, who are two Palestinian children living in the refugee camp of Shatila, which was home to displaced Palestinians and Lebanese alike.


  • ‘Divine Intervention’ (2002)

    This dark comedy about Palestinians living under Israeli occupation by Palestinian director Elia Suleiman was nominated for the Palme d’Or award at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival.


  • ‘Paradise Now’ (2005)

    Two childhood friends are recruited for a bombing in Tel Aviv in Hany Abu-Assad’s Oscar-nominated film.


  • ‘Ghost Hunting’ (2017)

    In this Raed Andoni-directed documentary, Palestinian men reenact the circumstances of their trauma in a detainment camp.


  • ‘Ave Maria’ (2018)

    Basil Khalil’s short film shows how a stranded Israeli settler family and five silent nuns work together to find a solution to a problem in comic circumstances.


  • ‘A Drowning Man’ (2017)

    This 15-minute-long short film revolves around a young Palestinian refugee trapped in Greece, searching for ways to get through his day and forced to make compromises to survive. The Mahdi Fleifel-directed short was nominated for a BAFTA award in 2018.