Updated 13 November 2021
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6 films to watch during the Sharjah Film Platform 2021

6 films to watch during the Sharjah Film Platform 2021

The Sharjah Film Platform 2021, taking place in a hybrid format between Nov. 19-27, will screen more than 50 movies across nine days.


  • ‘Zahorí’

    The film tells the story of a 13-year-old girl who rebels against her school and parents, two environmentalists from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland whose dream of autonomy turns into a nightmare.


  • ‘Fire in the Mountains’

    As a mother struggles to save money to build a road in a Himalayan village so that she can take her wheelchair-using son for physiotherapy, her husband believes that a shamanic ritual will rid them of a deity's curse, the cause of their child's affliction.

  • ‘A Place Called Wahala’

    This documentary, directed by German filmmaker Jürgen Ellinghaus, highlights Togo’s history and painful past.

  • ‘Wedding in Galilee’

    The chief of a Palestinian village under Israeli military rule seeks permission to hold his son’s wedding that will go past the imposed curfew in this 1987 film.

  • ‘Sibel’

    Throughout the film, the camera follows a mute woman named Sibel whose life changes during her search for a wolf that has allegedly been preying on the population.

  • ‘Army’

    The film follows Woo-cheol’s journey as he serves the mandatory two years in the South Korean army.