Updated 22 November 2021

6 dessert spots to try in Saudi Arabia

6 dessert spots to try in Saudi Arabia

As the festive season approaches, here are six dessert spots in Saudi Arabia that will get your mouth watering this winter.

  • Lotsa! Lazy Cake

    The Dubai-based brand launched its rolls of colorfully topped lazy cakes in Riyadh and Jeddah this month. The valrhona chocolate and biscuits mix balances between fudginess and crunchiness.

  • Shubbak 4

    If you are looking to get your ice-cream fix, Shubbak 4 in Riyadh and Jeddah is the place to go. They offer various mixes of flavors including mango with saffron, salted caramel with vanilla and much more.

  • Anoosh

    With more than 35 stores around the Kingdom, Anoosh offers cookies that are moist, chewy, flavorsome and with a crunch on the outside.

  • Torta and More

    Based in Riyadh, the bakery makes every dessert you could ever want, from fluffy fruity gateau to kunafa and baklava layered cakes.  

  • Logma

    If you are craving luqaimat, this UAE-based restaurant, which recently opened a branch in Riyadh, makes the plain, sweet dumplings with honey, sugar and Nutella syrup.

  • A3 Cafe

    From molten chocolate and honey cakes to pancakes of all sizes, the cafe’s offerings will satisfy your sweet tooth with appetizing desserts.