Updated 19 December 2021
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6 winter drinks to try this season 

6 winter drinks to try this season 

The winter season is ideal for cozying up with a hot drink and these popular Arab beverages will do just the trick. 

  • Sahlab

    This Middle Eastern sweet milk drink will warm you up during the cold winter nights. It is a mix of sahlab powder, sugar and milk. You can add your favorite nuts for extra flavor.

  • Qishr

    This traditional Yemeni hot drink is made of spiced coffee husks, ginger and sometimes cinnamon.

  • Milk with cardamom 

    Haleeb Ma’ Hal, or milk with cardamom in English, is easy to make and is famous across the region. Pour milk, sugar and cardamom in a pan and simmer for five minutes until it boils. 

  • Saffron milk

    Not only is this flavorful drink delicious, but it is also believed to help ease the symptoms of a common cold — if you’re a believer in traditional remedies. You will only need saffron, milk and sugar. You can decorate your cup by adding dry fruits.

  • Wheat porridge

    This sweet option, known as belila in Egypt, is made of pearl wheat, milk and sugar. You can also top it off with your choice of nuts.

  • Karawiya

    Karawiya is made with caraway powder, cinnamon powder and hot water. It is usually garnished with almonds, walnuts or pistachios.