Updated 15 January 2022
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Nailed it: 6 manicure trends to look out for in 2022

Nailed it: 6 manicure trends to look out for in 2022

Dubai-based influencer and founder of GlamJam Beauty Bar Eljammi Gozalli shares some of the hottest nail trends for this year. 

  • Minimalist nails 

    Gozalli believes that a nude base with nail art is an option that will be wildly popular in 2022, especially for the upcoming spring season.

  • French manicure

    Classic choices such as a French manicure, with a colorful tip for a twist, will always be romantic and in style.

  • Shorter nails

    Longer nails are taking a seat back. According to GlamJam’s clientele choices, Gozalli said: “we see that the trend for short and mid-length nails are strongly pulling through.”

  • Neutral nails

    “If you want to jump into something safe, but still trendy and classic, nude nail polish is your choice,” said the entrepreneur. 

  • Almond-shaped nails

    Gozalli believes that almond-shaped nails will be the most requested shape this year. This shape works best for people with longer fingers, but she suggests always keeping it mid-length.

  • Tonal nails

    Tonal nails have been taking Instagram by storm.  The trend consists of painting your nails using several shades, but Gozalli recommends sticking to the same color tones.