Updated 26 March 2022
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6 designers to look out for at Middle East Fashion Week

6 designers to look out for at Middle East Fashion Week

The inaugural Middle East Fashion Week is taking place on March 27-29 at The Agenda in Dubai Media City. The four-day event will feature 10 ready-to-wear and couture designers hailing from the region and beyond showcasing their latest womenswear collections.

  • Amelia Casablanca

    Based on expert craftsmanship, the Italian couture house distinguishes itself with a combination of laces, silks, embroideries and embellishments.

  • Millia London

    This British luxury eveningwear house is known for its extravagant gowns that marry vibrant colours, flowing ruffles and romantic silhouettes.

  • Hany El-Behairy

    The renowned Egyptian bridal designer is known for his luxury creations, including the world’s most expensive wedding dress, which is valued at a staggering $15 million.


  • Quod

    The brainchild of Ikshit Pande, the label blends period femininity with traditional tailoring and modern streetwear.

  • Atelier Zuhra

    Founded in 2015 by Omani designer Mousa Al-Awfi, the Dubai-based couture house incorporates fine fabrics and unique finishings to create exceptional gowns favoured by royals and celebrities.


  • Barbara Rizzi

    The brand is made to be comfortable and easy to wear, exuding the idea of femininity and glamour.