Updated 01 May 2022
Arab News

6 contemporary henna design ideas for Eid


Around the world, hundreds of thousands of women celebrate Eid by adorning their hands and feet with ornate henna or mehendi — an ancient body art that involves drawing elaborate designs on the skin using plant-based temporary dyes. Today, many women are choosing to take a more modern and minimalistic approach to the traditional art form. Below are some contemporary henna design ideas to inspire your Eid look.

  • Dots

    Henna novices can use a cone to draw tiny brushstroke dots along each finger for a bold and simple-to-create look.

  • Flowers

    Dainty flower designs on the palm of the hand are a beautiful amalgamation of traditional and modern henna designs.

  • Minimalist

    Replace complex mandalas with simple geometric shapes in the center of the palm and on the fingertips.

  • Abstract

    Those who are tired of the traditional floral designs and curlicues can opt for pared-back line drawings and topographic outlines.

  • Horizontal lines

    The temporary nature of henna, which lasts about two weeks, allows for experimental designs such as thin, horizontal lines drawn across the hand.

  • Negative space

    Champion the use of negative space to dramatic effect for a distinctly contemporary look. The longer you leave on the paste, the darker the henna will be.