Updated 19 May 2022
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Dust off: Top tips to stay healthy in a sandstorm

Dust off: Top tips to stay healthy in a sandstorm

Some areas of the Gulf are expected to see a rise in dusty weather in the coming days. In such conditions, allergens can pass through mucosal tissues and skin, causing varying degrees of irritation or allergic reactions. Alexander Provins, director of the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions for air purifier manufacturer Blueair, shares his tips to combat the dusty weather.




  • Wash it away

    Change clothes and shower thoroughly when returning home. This way, collected pollen and dust on clothes are washed away and do not make their way inside the house.


  • Control dust

    Regularly vacuuming the home can be a quick solution to help control a buildup of indoor air pollutants.


  • Purify the air

    Air purifiers have been developed to capture airborne and microscopic dust before it makes its way to the surfaces. 


  • Control temperatures

    Hot and humid houses are breeding grounds for allergens, bacteria and dust mites. 


  • Keep windows closed

    To keep sand and dust out of your home, close doors and windows immediately. Regularly cleaning AC ducts is also an effective way to reduce allergens from spreading.


  • Hydrate

    Drink lots of fluids to support your immune system as when you are dehydrated, your respiratory secretions thicken and are hard to clear from your lungs.