Updated 21 May 2022
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6 tips to protect your hair this summer

6 tips to protect your hair this summer

The hot summer days in the Middle East can wreak havoc with your hair. Here are six tips that will keep your luscious locks nourished and shiny this season.

  • Oil massage

    Massaging hair with oil maintains moisture within the scalp and prevents dandruff. Use products that are rich in almond or coconut oils from brands like Vatika. 

  • Hair masks

    Dubai-based entrepreneur Myriam Keramane’s hair care brand has a mask that is rich in vegetable protein that penetrates into the cuticle to keep your hair nourished. 

  • Avoid heat devices

    Every now and again stop using flat-irons and curlers, as they will cause hair breakage. TikTok and Instagram beauty gurus offer a wealth of heatless styling ideas if you’re in a pinch.

  • Leave-in conditioner

    Cover hair with leave-in conditioner before swimming. It will prevent hair from absorbing large amounts of chlorine and salt water.

  • Wide-tooth combs

    Wide-tooth combs are gentler to use when detangling hair. They cause less breakage and feel great on the scalp so make sure to include one in your luggage this summer.

  • Shield hair

    Use a hat when out in the sun to protect hair from ultraviolet radiation. It helps the scalp retain moisture.