Updated 23 July 2022
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Six podcasts topping the charts in the region

Six podcasts topping the charts in the region

A roundup of our favorite podcast shows from the region.


  • Pass the Kabsa

    With more than 160 episodes under their belt, the Saudi podcast is hosted by friends Adel Al-Ghamdi, Terki Shalhoub and Mohammed Al-Shamsi, as they talk about two of their favorite topics — Saudi Arabia and hip-hop.

  • Al Empire

    From the producers who brought us the seminal podcast show “Kerning Cultures,” this one is co-hosted by Hebah Fisher and Dana Ballout as they interview exceptional Arabs from around the world.

  • When Women Win

    Dubai-based entrepreneur Rana Nawas interviews boss women — business leaders, celebrities and inspirational figures — from across the world.

  • The Dukkan Show

    UAE-based trio Omar Tom, Reem Hameed and Mohamed Akkaoui deliver personal anecdotes and musings as they host the show self-described as “the voice of Neo-Bedouins and the home of the others.”

  • The Hamburger Generation

    Hosted by Isra Abu Zayed and Jamil Adas, the podcast makes for a lighthearted listen as the hosts talk about everything from their childhood memories to deep dives on topics such as astrology and Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Startup Confessionals

    Host Yasmeen Turayhi interviews founders as they talk about their disappointments, wins, personal lives, and how they deal with adversity.