Updated 31 July 2022
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6 Arabs who dubbed Warner Bros’ ‘DC League of Super-Pets’ 

6 Arabs who dubbed Warner Bros’ ‘DC League of Super-Pets’ 

It’s not often that Hollywood films are dubbed in cinemas, but Warner Bros. is offering young fans in the UAE and Saudi Arabia a treat with an Arabic-dubbed version of its latest release, “DC League of Super-Pets.”

  • Hesham El-Shazly

    The Egyptian voice actor plays US star Dwayne Johnson’s character Krypto the Super-Dog, who is Superman’s best friend. 

  • Nasser Shaheen

    The Egyptian actor, who also dubbed Disney’s “Monsters, Inc.,” stars as Ace the Hound, who was the trusted canine companion of Batman. This character is played by Kevin Hart in the original action adventure. 

  • Rani El-Khatib

    Rani El-Khatib stars as Superman. The voice actor will take over US actor John Krasinski’s character in the Arabic version. 

  • Mohammed Tarek

    The Egyptian comedian stars as Aquaman. In the English version, this character is voiced by New Zealand actor Jemaine Clement.

  • Aya Hamza

    Aya Hamza will voice Lulu, a guinea pig and the main antagonist of the film. Kate McKinnon plays this character in the English animation. 

  • Leya Malko

    Leya Malko is the youngest member of the Arab cast. The nine-year-old rising star, who is based in the UAE, voiced a kitten in the film.