Updated 09 August 2022

Six artists to celebrate on World Calligraphy Day

Six artists to celebrate on World Calligraphy Day

In honor of World Calligraphy Day on Aug. 10, we take a look at six masters of the art form.

  • Ruh Al-Alam

    A British artist of Bangladeshi descent, contemporary calligrapher Al-Alam studied design at Central Saint Martins in London. After graduating, he spent several years in Cairo learning Arabic and studying calligraphy with esteemed teachers.

  • Majid Al-Yousef

    Dubai-based Iraqi calligraphy artist Majid Al-Yousef previously told Arab News artists should learn the basics of calligraphy before pursuing the art form professionally. “Because otherwise we end up — like the situation now — with a lot of practice, but very low-quality outwork,” he explained.

  • Wissam Shawkat

    Iraqi artist Wissam Shawkat trained as a civil engineer before switching careers and diving into life as a calligraphy artist.

  • Samir Sayegh

    Sayegh’s art, although based on individual letters or words, has little to do with language or meaning — it is purely aesthetic and captures the viewer with its dynamic forms.

  • Taha Al-Hiti

    The Iraqi artist creates mesmerizing works and previously told Arab News that “calligraphy requires a lot of practice, mixed with the talent and character of the calligrapher.”

  • eL Seed

    Tunisian French artist eL Seed is known for his large-scale, contemporary works that adorn entire neighborhoods and buildings around the world.