Updated 21 August 2022
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6 falcon species you need to know

6 falcon species you need to know

A look at interesting falcon species to celebrate the 2022 International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, the world’s largest falconry event, taking place from Aug. 25 to Sep. 3 in Malham, Riyadh.


  • Saker falcon

    The national bird of Hungary can reach outstanding speeds of 150 mph and commonly winters in the Arabian Peninsula, northern Pakistan.

  • Peregrine falcon

    Considered the ultimate aerial predator, this bird of prey can reach speeds up to 200 mph, an apex predator regardless of the environment.

  • Grey falcon

    The rarest of falcon species, this bird is endangered but is still an apex predator, employing similar hunting tactics to the peregrine falcon.

  • Prairie falcon

    While most falcons feast on smaller birds, this bird is very popular in falconry for its ability to perch on high cliffs and take in a wider view in order to target its prey. 

  • American kestrel

    The smallest falcon on our list, also known as the sparrowhawk, maintains a killer instinct and is one of the deadliest predators.

  • Ghostly gyrfalcon

    The largest falcon in the world is a fierce predator in the High Arctic, attacking at breathtaking speeds to strike prey to the ground.