Updated 09 November 2022

6 Middle Eastern reality TV shows to watch

6 Middle Eastern reality TV shows to watch

As the Middle East prepares to welcome another reality TV show, “Made in Dubai,” we take a look at some of the recent shows about the Arab world.

  • ‘Made in Dubai’  

    The show will follow a group of managers and agents at real estate property agency Betterhomes, giving viewers what producers described as “insight into their lives and the real estate market in Dubai.” 

  • ‘Dubai Hustle’  

    A similar concept to “Made in Dubai,” the two-part docuseries followed a group of 20-something real estate brokers as they try to earn make money and crush the competition.  

  • ‘Dubai Bling’ 

    Netflix’s “Dubai Bling,” one of the most talked about shows in the region at the moment, follows the glamorous lives of 10 Dubai-based millionaires. 

  • ‘The Fastest’ 

    In Netflix’s first Arabic-language unscripted series, debuting on Nov. 23, participants will customize and optimize their cars for drag races across different terrain in the Middle East.  

  • ‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ 

    The show spotlights a group of women navigating their relationships, careers and lavish and wealthy lifestyles in the UAE. 

  • ‘Say Yes to the Dress Arabia’ 

    The nine-episode show featured 20 brides from various cultural backgrounds as they searched for their dream wedding dress.