Updated 14 February 2023

6 camping sites to visit in Saudi Arabia

6 camping sites to visit in Saudi Arabia

Take advantage of the chilly weather before it ends and visit these camping spots in Saudi Arabia for an adventure with your family and friends. 

  • Wadi Al-Disah

    Take a picnic blanket and basket with your favorite snacks, some firewood and tea and enjoy breathtaking views at Wadi Al-Disah in Tabuk.

  • Thumamah Desert

    This is the perfect camping spot for adrenaline junkies in Saudi Arabia, with quad bikes available for rent and camel rides and bouncy castles for the little ones.

  • Wadi Hanifa

    Once a waste disposal site, Wadi Hanifa is now a beautiful valley in Riyadh that is easy to access and popular with city dwellers.

  • Al-Asfar Lake

    Al-Asfar Lake is a large water reservoir surrounded by sand dunes that is among the most famous excursions in Al-Ahsa. The calm and quiet spot is a great place to pitch a tent and barbeque.

  • Salboukh Valley 

    Located 50 kilometers north of Riyadh, this valley is one of the best camping spots in the Kingdom for wildlife fans. 

  • Moon Valley 

    If you want to enjoy a hiking tour with your family or friends before you camp through the night, visit the Moon Valley situated next to Jabal Al-Jadib in Jeddah.