Updated 22 April 2023
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Six books to read to celebrate World Book Day  

Six books to read to celebrate World Book Day  

Calling all readers. In celebration of World Book Day, here are six books by Arab authors published in English.  

  • ‘Waiting for the Past’ 

    Set at the end of the Iran-Iraq war, Hadiya Hussein’s tale follows a woman searching for the man she loves. It is a story about loss, community and hope.

  • ‘The Bookseller’s Notebooks’ 

    Jalal Barjas’s book tells the story of a man named Ibrahim whose life follows the meandering path of his own delusions. 

  • ‘Cry in a Long Night’ 

    Jabra Ibrahim Jabra’s novel is about a man called Amin and takes place over the course of one night as he walks through a city that mimics Jerusalem. 

  • ‘The Drowning’ 

    Hammour Ziada’s book is the story of the residents of Hajjar Narti who have built their lives around the heaven-sent Nile, greeting people from all walks of life. 

  • ‘The Book of Queens’ 

    Joumana Haddad’s novel moves across four generations of women who have suffered and survived expulsion, occupation, civil war and sectarian violence that moves them to Turkiye, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.  

  • ‘Discretion’  

    Written by Faiza Guene, the novel focuses on Yamina, who is approaching her 70th birthday. Her life is pleasant, but her journey has been filled with hardship and exile.