Updated 06 May 2023
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6 exhibitions to visit at Louvre Abu Dhabi 

6 exhibitions to visit at Louvre Abu Dhabi 

From jewelry to fables, here are the must-see attractions that are taking place at Louvre Abu Dhabi.


  • ‘Picturing the Cosmos’

    Running from July 18 to June 2025, this exhibition takes youngsters on a journey through the infinity of space, with various representations in art across time and cultures.

  • ‘Letters of Light’

    This attraction, which runs from Sept. 13 to Jan. 14, 2024, spotlights the holy books of the three Abrahamic religions: the Qur’an, the Bible and the Hebrew Bible.

  • ‘Cartier’ 

    “Cartier, Islamic Inspiration and Modern Design” runs from Nov. 15 to March 24, 2024. It will highlight the influence of Islamic arts on Cartier’s designs from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

  • ‘Art Here 2023’

    This exhibition runs from Nov. 21 to February 2024. It will provide artists the opportunity to present their work and one such piece will be selected for the Richard Mille Art Prize.

  • ‘Fables from East and West’

    This exhibition, which runs next year from March 20 to July 14, examines the roots and evolution of fables through a showcase of illustrated manuscripts and paintings.

  • Bollywood superstars

    Running until June 4, this exhibition features a wide range of items from Indian cinema, including early storyteller props, shadow puppets, and much more.