Updated 10 May 2023

6 swim sets to shop from Hadia Ghaleb

6 swim sets to shop from Hadia Ghaleb

Egyptian influencer and entrepreneur Hadia Ghaleb has released her new summer swimwear collection featuring colorful trendy sets for the season.

  • Starry Ballerina 

    This two-piece navy-blue set is made up of a long-sleeved mini-dress top and full-coverage leggings.

  • Tawoos 

    This set includes a long-sleeve mini-draped dress in turquoise, adorned with a 3D peacock. The dress is paired with matching turquoise leggings.

  • Cosmos 

    The Cosmos swimwear set, in shades of blues and greens, is a must-have ensemble for fashion-forward beach-goers. The four-piece set includes a swimwear top, leggings, skirt and a scarf.

  • Icing

    The Icing set consists of five pieces — swim jacket, top, leggings, skirt and scarf. It includes intricate designs accented by gold buttons and chains that make for a jaw-dropping beach outfit that can be worn in multiple styles.

  • Aurora 

    This eye-catching set is inspired by the Northern Lights, with its stunning array of blue, pink, orange, green and purple.

  • Marine Dream 

    Marine Dream is also a four-piece swim set complete with a top, leggings, skirt and scarf that feature an ocean-inspired print in shades of blue and purple.