Updated 17 May 2023
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Six spots to play Padel Tennis in Riyadh

Six spots to play Padel Tennis in Riyadh

Padel tennis is gaining popularity in Saudi Arabia — here are six places to play the sport in Riyadh.  

  • Padel Up  

    One of the most popular destinations for padel enthusiasts in the Kingdom, visitors can pick from eight different pitches. Session prices start from $95 for 90 minutes.   

  • Padel Arena  

    If a change of scenery is what you are after, the rooftop of Kingdom Tower beckons. Padel Arena has days for women and men with prices starting at $72. All prices include rackets, balls, water and parking.  

  • Padel Masters  

    Another rooftop pick, Paddle Masters at Riyadh Marriott Hotel gives visitors a unique experience, with prices starting from $90 for 90 minutes.  

  • Padel 101  

    If you are looking to get away from the city, Padel 101 is tucked away in Al-Ammariah. Apart from padel courts, it also features designated viewing areas for family and friends.  

  • Valley Padel  

    One of the most picturesque locations to play the sport, Valley Padel is located in Wadi Hanifa and is surrounded by gorgeous rock formations. Prices for one class start from $88 for 90 minutes.  

  • 2Padel  

    One of the newer courts in Wadi Hanifa, 2Padel is open all week from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., with prices starting from $58.