Red Sea Global announces new sailing club to improve tourism prospects

Red Sea Global announces new sailing club to improve tourism prospects
RSG’s water sports subsidiary WAMA will operate the sailing club. (Supplied) 
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Updated 01 June 2023

Red Sea Global announces new sailing club to improve tourism prospects

Red Sea Global announces new sailing club to improve tourism prospects

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia is expected to witness a huge influx of sailors, windsurfers and tourists, with multi-project developer Red Sea Global announcing the launch of a new sailing club in the Kingdom. 

According to a press release, RSG’s water sports subsidiary WAMA will operate the sailing club. 

“Sailing is about freedom and adventure while surrounded by the beauty of the ocean. As a pioneer of regenerative tourism and with our first hotels on track to open this year, we are certain this will be a hugely popular activity among our visitors,” said John Pagano, group CEO of RSG, in the statement. 

He added: “The WAMA Sailing Club will provide everyone, regardless of background or ability, the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Red Sea archipelago, experience an exhilarating sport, learn more about marine conservation and enjoy the sense of independence and freedom sailing offers.” 

The press release further noted that the sailing club would provide activities such as sailing, crewing, trapezing and windsurfing in the Red Sea. 

Developing tourism is a crucial agenda for Saudi Arabia as it successfully pursues its economic diversification program. 

Saudi Arabia’s National Tourism Strategy aims to attract 100 million visitors by 2030, besides increasing the tourism sector’s contribution to more than 10 percent of the gross domestic product. The strategy also eyes creating an additional one million jobs in the Kingdom. 

According to RSG, the new sailing club is also expected to create employment opportunities for Saudis, boosting the hospitality sector in the Kingdom. 

“The club will also create exciting employment opportunities for Saudis and international sailors, boosting the Kingdom’s hospitality and sports sector and contributing to Saudi Vision 2030. This will include work experience for Saudi teenagers, who will be able to learn new skills and enhance their understanding of water-based careers,” said RSG in the press statement. 

UK-based RS Sailing, an international designer, builder and supplier of sailboats, is also supporting WAMA Sailing Club in its operations. 

“Our passion is inspiring more people to discover the joys of sailing. That is why our work with RSG to open this stunning stretch of coastline to the sailing community and supporting the launch of the WAMA Sailing Club is a moment of real pride for our team,” said Michiel Geerling, commercial director at RS Sailing. 

Meanwhile, RSG also announced that it has reached an agreement with US-based firm Partanna to install 11,000 carbon-negative pavers in its landscape nursery, which spans one million sq. meters. 

Partanna is widely considered a pioneer of the world’s first carbon-negative concrete, which makes use of a technology that not only avoids carbon emissions but naturally removes them from the atmosphere.

“We believe that sustainability is no longer enough. We need to find ways to restore and regenerate the planet. That is why we have committed to increasing the net conservation benefit at our destinations by 30 percent through the enhancement of habitats that ensure biodiversity can flourish, and to being carbon neutral when we become fully operational,” said Pagano about the deal. 

Rick Fox, co-founder of Partanna, added: “RSG is right, sustainability isn’t enough. We say that carbon avoidance isn’t enough either. The world desperately needs removal solutions and our technology can perform like no other, permanently locking in the carbon it absorbs.”