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Tue, 2001-07-31 05:38

RIYADH, 31 July  — Prince Ahmad ibn Salman, chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi Research & Marketing Group, has been appointed secretary-general of the Prince Fahd ibn Salman Charitable Association for Kidney Patients and a member of the charity’s board of directors.

The appointment was made by Riyadh Governor Prince Salman, chairman of the association, following the death of Prince Fahd last Wednesday of a heart attack. Prince Fahd, the eldest son of Prince Salman, who started the association, was its secretary-general. “The new appointment will enable the organization to continue its humanitarian services to kidney patients,” a press statement from the association said. “The decision also aims at further strengthening the association to carry out its noble mission and achieve its objectives,” it added. Prince Salman earlier changed the association’s name to honor Prince Fahd in appreciation of the late prince’s humanitarian contributions.

Along the same lines, the Wafa Kidney Center in Namas has been named after Prince Fahd.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the late prince’s mother has shown special interest in completing the charitable project and has followed up implementation of its various phases. The center, which has 20 dialysis units and other medical facilities, will offer its services to the public shortly.

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