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Wed, 2006-06-07 03:00

CAIRO, 7 June 2006 — Prominent Egyptian actress Huda Sultan has passed away at the age of 81 years, after a battle with lung cancer.

Doctors had diagnosed the actress with cancer after her return from Haj last year.

Huda is known to be one of the pioneers of Egyptian cinema and has left a strong mark. She was awarded numerous prizes, more than any other actress, for her roles, especially in musicals.

The actress also took part in a number of television dramas, and had played her roles wearing the Islamic headdress Hijab, which she wore at a later stage in her life.

Huda’s original name is Bahija Abdul Aal Baho, and she was born on Aug. 15, 1925 to an Egyptian father and a Turkish mother. She is also the sister of the late artist Mohammad Fawzi.

The late actress had a real talent for singing, which appeared to the surface at a very young age. In most of her films she performed songs that until this day are significantly popular.

Her first film was “Sit Al Husin” in 1950, and then as fate would have it she met the late prominent Egyptian actor Farid Shawki and the two were married.

The couple had formed a successful duo and acted together in numerous films.

Some of her most notable works are the films “Imra’a Fil Tareeq” (A Woman in the Road), “Shai Fi Sadri” (Something in My Heart), “Al Ikhtyar” (The Choice), “Al Wadaa Ya Banopart” (Farewell Bonaparte), and many more.

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