Mohammed Ashraf, Arab News
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Sat, 2007-01-27 03:00

KOZHIKODE, 27 January 2007 — Eight-year-old Sreelakshmi is no ordinary girl. She’s one of the youngest webmasters in the world, and perhaps the youngest web-mastering girl.

The Association of American Webmasters, which enrolled her as a member, testifies that she is its youngest and the only member below 18.

Awards and accolades are pouring in for the website of Presentation High Secondary School in Kozhikode that the Class IV student has prepared.

“We found your website to be very professional for a young lady of your age. You have a bright future ahead of you with web design,” the AAW Chief Executive Officer Donna Snyder notes in her membership approval letter.

The child prodigy is also proud of seventeen other national and international recognitions that include Global Internet Directories Gold Award, Golden Web Award, the AAW Merit Award and Art Space’s World Web Award of Excellence 2006-07.

Her website provides any information one needs to have on the school and it allows parents to seek reports on their children. Daughter of Suresh Menon, an advocate, and Viju, a schoolteacher, Sreelakshmi’s brush with the digital world began at a relatively young age of four.

“When she was playing with Microsoft Paint, I advised her to do something different,” says Menon. “I related her stories of even younger webmasters (all boys) to get her into this and she proved to be a quick learner.” She was into web designing for nearly two years.

“After studies I used to spend hours together before the terminal. Since my school was not having an official site I took it as a challenge to design one for my school,” adds Sreelakshmi.

The website has various links, including history, curriculum, admissions and promotions, faculty members, facilities provided, star pupils, headmistress, managers and PTA presidents.

It provides a link to the webmaster as well where her photo and citations are displayed.

She has become an instant star in the school. “True, she’s an inspiration for grownups as well. I must say our school is blessed with such a talent,” says Headmistress Sister Roselit.

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