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Fri, 2007-09-28 03:00

JEDDAH, 28 September 2007 — “CNN Marketplace Middle East”, which debuts today, is CNN’s first weekly business program dedicated to the latest financial news from the Middle Eastern region and the companies and personalities driving that news.

The program, hosted by veteran business correspondent, John Defterios, targets the global business community and expands the focus of CNN’s coverage from the region. As the latest addition to CNN’s business programming, the new show consolidates the network’s position as the leading international news channel covering the Middle East.

Aired twice on Fridays and repeated on Saturday and Sunday, the 15-minute program features the latest business news from the Middle East, alongside stock, currency, commodity and bond market updates and in-depth interviews and profiles of major players from the region’s business community. The show will also spotlight particular industry sectors and economic trends influencing business developments in the region.

The new program takes a fresh approach to business news and financial analysis, placing the Middle East strategically at the crossroads of major transactions and trade relations with Europe, Africa, Asia and the US.

The program will explore the companies, investors and government leaders forging business relations in a market of almost 200 million people in 21 countries and territories across the region. It will also highlight the global players investing in this rapidly growing region, as well as those within the region that are reaching out to build new alliances.

“Current developments in the Middle Eastern market are having a profound impact on the rest of the global business community, so it makes sense for CNN to provide its audience of ‘global citizens’ with a specialized regional update of this increasingly influential business market,” said Debra Kocher, CNN International vice president and executive producer of the program. “With a raft of new entrants to the Middle Eastern markets and the continued expansion of regional companies in the global arena, this topical new program reinforces the credentials of CNN as the first point of reference for news from the region.”

Veteran business correspondent, John Defterios, returns to CNN International to present the weekly roundup of developments making an impact on the business world. Formerly the anchor of CNN’s ‘World Business Today’, Defterios is an expert on Middle Eastern business with over 20 years’ editorial experience of business and current affairs.

CNN Marketplace Middle East will also be supported by a dedicated site on, featuring daily updated news and figures from the region’s markets.

On air, the show will comprise three regular segments: The Headlines covering the latest corporate news results, government initiatives and economic numbers, Face Time - an interview with a major player from within the Middle East business community, discussing the issues affecting the region’s business and economic outlook, and In Focus, which examines a company, sector, industry or economic trend in greater detail. These pieces will be brought to life for the viewer through interviews, pictures and reportage.

CNN’s specialized programming from the Middle East began in October 2003 with the launch of ‘Inside the Middle East’, a monthly voyage of discovery into the economic, social and cultural affairs of the region. Hosted by Hala Gorani, the half-hour, monthly program showcases the Middle East’s rich cultural heritage, its most fascinating places and the contemporary developments taking place, such as the old city of Sana’a in Yemen, and a profile of Lebanese-born designer Reem Acra.

and a fascinating look at the work of the staff of Iraq’s National Library and Archives, who risk their lives everyday to preserve important fragments of Iraq’s history against the backdrop of violence in Baghdad.

CNN Marketplace Middle East airs each Friday at 0815 GMT and 1945 GMT. Weekend repeats will air Saturdays at 0545 GMT and Sundays 0715 GMT.

As a journalist, Defterios brings more than two decades of news experience having covered some of the biggest stories of the century. These include the Gulf War, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the World Trade Center Bombings, the L.A. Riots and the G-8 summits.

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