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Mon, 2009-05-25 03:00

JEDDAH: Sana Ibrahim, the actress of the Gulf series “Aswar,” which is beginning its second season, says that her role of a woman raped by her brother’s friend is based on a true incident.

“The scenario is based on a true incident, and the final performance was successful in depicting a true picture of what actually took place,” she said. Sana said she worked hard to do that role and that she invested all her emotions in trying to provide a realistic portrayal of a rape victim. Viewers have been hooked to the television drama series known for addressing controversial and provocative themes, such as witchcraft, medical malpractices and adultery.

“The work is real and contains excitement. The incidents featuring in the series highlight social and family issues,” said Sana. “Aswar” is being shown on MBC 1. Sana said viewers will be hooked and that the series has provoked a lot of debate. “The scriptwriter, Hasan Asiri, has been successful in getting real stories and turning them into a very good drama.”

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