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Thu, 2010-11-18 21:55

Ilyin won the men’s 94-kilogram division with a combined total of 394 kilograms while Podobedova (287) left the pack far behind in the women’s 75-kilogram division.
China leads the weightlifting competition with seven golds but needs to win all of the remaining three events on Friday to match its 10-gold performance at 2006 Asian Games.
Ilyin, 22, lifted 175 kilograms in snatch and 219 kilograms in clean and jerk — finishing one kilogram ahead of Iran’s Asghar Ebrahimi and 11 clear of third-place Kim Min-jae of South Korea.
Podobedova lifted 130 kilograms in snatch and 157 in clean and jerk but didn’t make an attempt at her world records in either of the two. China’s Cao Lei (265) won silver and pushed Podobedova’s teammate Tatyana Khromova (250) to claim bronze.
“I had broken the (world) record at the world championships recently and I wanted to get prepared for the next worlds,” Podobedova explained.
At September’s World Championships in Antalya, Turkey, Podobedova broke all the three world records for a combined lift of 295 kilograms.
Earlier, Ilyin secured gold with his second lift of 219 kilograms in clean and jerk but could not break his Asian record of 226 kilograms when he made an unsuccessful attempt at 227.
“My result is not close to what I had achieved in training, but still I am happy to win this gold,” Ilyin said.
Ebrahimi was impressive in snatch despite failing at 186 kilogram in his third attempt. His successful lift at 183 was five better than, Kim while Ilyin was eight kilograms behind him.
“In the beginning I was not expecting,” Ilyin said about his effort in snatch. “But I was confident going into the clean and jerk.” Ilyin, who missed the World Championships at Antalya, Turkey in September due to hand injury, made two impressive lifts of 215 and 219 kilograms in clean and jerk — with the second one giving him the gold.
Ebrahimi could not clear 213 kilograms after successfully lifting 205 kilograms and 210.
“I know I can do better, but I think I’ve got a good result today,” Ebrahimi said.
Kazakhstan now has won three weightlifting gold at Guangzhou, with Maiya Maneza also winning the 63-kilgoram women’s event.

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